Recently, I was on a coaching call with a great Executive Pastor that I have the privilege of coaching. He’s working on a building project for his church and as such, he’s moving a lot of money around. 300K almost got moved into a hackers account!

At the end of our coaching call, I said “Hey, can we take 5 minutes and record this story? I want to share it with others so they can learn from you.” I hit record on Zoom. Please forgive the bad lighting and productions skills. This is just meant to be a quick thing to help you out.

Written by Phil Taylor
My name is Phil. I'm the Executive Pastor at Mosaic, a multi-site church in the Orlando area and author of "Defining The Executive Pastor Role" and "Eldership Development-From Application to Affirmation". My greatest passion is playing a part in Bringing Vision Into Reality. I love running, writing, kayaking and taking my wife and three kids camping.