XP Cohorts

Would you like to connect with other Executive Pastor types in your area?

Let’s be honest, ministry is hard. Why go it alone? You may have a great staff at your church, but sometimes you just need to connect with pastors at other churches who do what you do. Local Cohort gatherings of Executive Pastors are not only helpful places to exchange ideas and best practices, they also foster unity among churches, and who knows, you might even make a friend!

Here is a list of local gatherings that we are currently aware of. If you know of one, send us the info including the key contact persons name and email address. If you’d like to start one, scroll down for some tips.


Orlando Area

Contact: Phil Taylor

Palm Coast Area

Contact: Jeff Barksdale


Atlanta-Peachtree City Area

Contact: Jason Poeffel


Lansing Area

Contact: Fred Choi

Kingsford UP Area

Contact: Antone Goyak


Twin Cities Area

Contact: Martin Allen


Albany Area

Contact: Scott Fischer


Oklahoma City Area

Contact: Jeremy Davidson


Contact: Ryan Navy

How do I start my own Executive Pastor Local Cohort?

It’s pretty simple really. Just set a time to gather and ask other Executive Pastors to join you. Send us your name, email and City and we’ll list it here.

Here are few tips we’ve learned along the way.

  • Don’t just invite the XP’s you already know, go on the websites of other churches in your area that may have XP’s. Find the email addresses and send them an invite.
  • XP’s in larger churches have schedules that book up a couple months in advance. Sending an email that says “Hey, we’re meeting up at World of Beer next Tuesday” is pretty much a waste of your time. Get the info out early.
  • At your first meeting, just get to know each other.
  • At subsequent meetings, pick a topic to discuss (like HR, branding, website projects, building projects, etc.).
  • Pick a book to read ahead of time and discuss together, like Mike Bonem’s “Leading From the Second Chair”, or Phil Taylor’s “Defining the Executive Pastor Role”.
  • Invite future XP’s. If you have an intern or resident following you around all day, bring him along.
  • Move the location around. If someone just built a new building or expansion, meet there. Otherwise, just rotate around, or meet at a great pub or something.
  • Every two months, or roughly six meetings a year is about right for frequency.
  • Book the date and time of your next gathering at the end of the gathering so that everyone can put it in their calendars.
  • Figure out each others strengths and weaknesses so that you can lean on each other.