At Mosaic Church, we have been blessed with some Godly musicians, vocalists and worship leaders. A goal of ours has been to tell our own story of Gospel transformation through original worship created by our people. It’s something I constantly encourage our worship team to do. But you can’t just encourage it, you have to resource them to do it well by giving them song writing retreats and you have to celebrate them when they complete a song. Recently, our team completed this song and then our video team made a little music video of it. It’s not studio quality by any means, but I think it turned out really well.

Written by Phil Taylor
My name is Phil. I'm the Executive Pastor at Mosaic, a multi-site church in the Orlando area and author of "Defining The Executive Pastor Role" and "Eldership Development-From Application to Affirmation". My greatest passion is playing a part in Bringing Vision Into Reality. I love running, writing, kayaking and taking my wife and three kids camping.